May 5th, 2016

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Weekend Event Starting Tomorrow!

Friday - Sunday, May 6 - 8: Mother's in ads (for Mother's Day) or ads promoting things for Mother's Day

Depictions of a 'mother' in a vintage ad; women who ARE mothers in a vintage ad; ads for items FOR Mother's Day; basically a wide interpretation of 'mother' for Mother's Day ads!

Yes, I'm still working on our calendar, I'm not a conspiracy theorist Yes I am but anything that could go wrong, HAS! I'm gonna finish it this weekend, come hell or high water. Hold on, someone's at the door, oh look it's hell and I see water rising. Well gosh. Anyway, it'll be done--probably for more than a year, and our May contest will start later next week :) And remember, once I post our event calendar, things can ALWAYS be changed/added/ amended/etc It is NOT written in stone and everyone gets to have a say, we are a community, I feel, in the truest sense. It's everyone's Vintage Ads Community.