May 20th, 2016

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I have FINALLY completed our Upcoming Events Master Calendar. Thru July 2017. It's here. Same link as before and can always be found in the sticky post on the top of Vintage Ads and on the left hand featured post widget.

Please let me know what you think, on this post would probably be more convenient in case I have to reference a lot of request for changes, etc. As I say, the calendar is NOT set in stone. I wrote down everyone's suggestions and I think included all of them. I did not really mention holidays as ads for them can always be posted, though I will post a prompt a week or so beforehand.

I cannot apologize enough to the community for being basically a 'bad mod' the past few weeks and not having this done. Life was tossing me lemons and I couldn't quite toss 'em all back! Did get some lemonade though :) I also had been devoting too much time trying to organize a convention and that was a nightmare, that someone else has to deal with now.

Tomorrow I'm gonna sit here and do scheduled posts for the weeks' events, scheduled posts for the day before our one day events, and of course scheduled posts with our rules the day before our contests start. That way they're all DONE. If you'd like to do a schedule post and don't know how, on the top of the master calendar is a link to the 'how to' I made and/or that link is also in the community's sticky post. Scheduled posts are fantastic!!

I feel so relieved I finally got this done. Now I devote more time here (is that a good or bad thing? ;)