May 22nd, 2016

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I just finished 200 scheduled posts to announce the upcoming week's events, and to post the day before an event starts (including our contest rule post) thru July 2017. I kept a tally cuz I wanted to know how many I ended up doing total. Announcement posts are scheduled for Noon, unless it's something starting on a Monday, then those are scheduled for 4:16, as 'this week's upcoming events' is schedule at noon on Sundays and I prefer to have announcements spaced out a little bit.

While doing that I discovered I had India on the calendar twice, so I of course switched one of them out. Be sure to peruse our event calendar thru July 2017 here. It's not written in stone and anything can changed, adjusted, etc at any time!

Remember these? They were good!

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This week's upcoming events...

I will, of course, post a reminder for events the day before.

25 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Animal Prints. Any ads that depict animal prints

27-30 Friday - Monday Weekend EventS: Picnic Related and BBQ. Any ad depicting a picnic and/or BBQ; items for a picnic and/or BBQ; etc