May 28th, 2016

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Weekend Event...BBQ

where's the drips go? not everything is sealed in....they mention an ash and grease drawer, but doesn't that sound like a mess if the grease and ashes mixed together?! no wonder this style grill didn't catch on!


Guest Hosting Events....and other thinkerings....

I'd like to include members more in our events. So I thought of having guest hosts for events. There are/were several specific events I sent messages about asking certain people to host because they either created the event, suggested it (and I apologize I can't remember who suggested every event; but I know the majority of our calendar is based on member suggestions), or it is an event that is important to them.

Guest hosting basically would entail posting a few ads, though you wouldn't have to if you didn't want too, and responding to posts on the event. If you wanted to say anything at all about your event, why you like it, etc you are absolutely free to do so, as you're the host!!

I know this is a holiday weekend (for those of us in the USA); but please, if this interests you, peruse our event calendar thru July 2017 and see if you'd like to guest host any of those events. If there's an event that you'd LIKE to host; but it isn't in the calendar, do NOT hesitate to let me know and we can add it, work it in, change things up! The calendar is not written in stone!!

You can post a comment if you wanted to guest host; PM me on LJ; or email me (please put V. Ads in the subject if you email me).

Feel free to suggest other ways we could perhaps feature community members. I've often thought of doing 'Ad of the Week'. Selecting an ad, based on comments, etc, (but NO voting, cuz we only wanna vote for contest entries) then featuring it on our side widget on the Vintage Ads' main page where our monthly contest winner is.

Also thought of having member of the month, where for one day, THEY can select whatever theme they want and be in charge. They could also, if they wished, tell us why they like vintage ads, what kind, etc.

Just my thinkerings.