May 29th, 2016

This week's upcoming events...

As always I will post a reminder the day before the event/s start.

30 Monday continuing the Picnic and BBQ weekend theme.

1 Wednesday One Day Event, BUGS! Insects, bugs, etc Cuz it's June!

3-5 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: FMK and Denim Clothing. FMK is Fuck, Marry, Kill and will be guest hosted by the event's suggester dandyxr. You'd post an ad for each of those. Example: I'd probably post an ad with Prince for Fuck; an ad with Jack Lord for Marry, and an ad with Bill Cosby/or/Woody Allen/or/Roman Polanski/You get my drift for Kill. If you don't want to say the F-word, you are under no obligation to do so and can call it SMK (Screw, Marry, Kill) or whatever you'd like. :) AND Denim clothing in ads, ads for jeans, ads showing people wearing jeans, etc.