May 31st, 2016

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....seems legit? Don't think this is still available, so it must not have been as easy to use a tampon and/or as accurate as a doctor doing the test. The things ya find online!

I'm gonna assume this ad is from the 1970s. $30 for an exam/test?! Wow! I visit to my D.O. for whatever is currently wrong with me, etc is $140 and that's just the visit! She once found a q-tip head in my ear canal (had no idea it was in there) and flushed it out. That was an extra $75 on the bill. No more q-tips in the ears, I'll stick with my pen cap for itchy ears! :)

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Doh! Tim Horton's Cookies

Friends, I feel soooo dumb. I finally had a contest entry and accidentally posted it to my own LJ instead of here!

Originally posted by calzephyr77 at Contest Entry: Tim Horton's Cookies
Back in the day Tim Horton's was mostly just coffee and donuts - now you can get lunch, soup, sandwiches and more fast :-D I think sometimes it was mostly a regional thing - I grew up in Western Canada where you were most likely to see Sir Donut and Robin's Donuts. Now you can't find either.