June 2nd, 2016

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Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: FMK and Denim Clothing.

FMK and Denim Clothing. FMK is Fuck, Marry, Kill and will be guest hosted by the event's suggester dandyxr. If you don't want to say the F-word, you are under no obligation to do so and can call it SMK (Screw, Marry, Kill) or whatever you'd like. :) I apparently don't really understand how FMK works, so our guest host is going to explain it to us. Look for their explanation post if you're not sure how it works---I know I'll be looking for it! :)

AND Denim clothing in ads, ads for jeans, ads showing people wearing jeans, etc.
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FMK theme weekend starts tomorrow!

Hello vintage adders! I'll be your guest host for this weekend's theme: FUCK MARRY KILL.

FMK is a simple game where you name 3 celebrities and your friend (or in this case, the commenters) must choose 1 to fuck, 1 to marry and 1 to kill.

There's a handy little cheat sheet below, but as long as you give us 3 choices, there is NO WRONG WAY to do an FMK post.

3 ad mascots. 3 maidenform ladies. 3 celebrities. 2 celebrities and a baked potato. Any of these would make a perfect FMK post.

Even if you don't post, be sure to comment bc at least half the fun is in actually contemplating absurd questions like, would you rather marry Tony the Tiger or Count Chocula?