June 12th, 2016

Orlando Pulse Massacre

As I'm sure many of you also did, I awoke to reports of the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando. At this time, 50 are dead and 53 wounded, with several hundred traumatized by what they survived. Like the Bataclan in Paris, these people went out to have a good time. Instead, they ended up being killed, injured, and fighting to escape a nightmare that they couldn't wake up from as it was real.

The Pulse is a gay club. We know members of the LGBTQ community are, at times, marginalized, and by some groups, made to feel shame for who they are. Going to a club like Pulse would feel safe, as you know there'll be no judgment of who you really are. To be killed, wounded, and traumatized in a place you feel you can be yourself with no repercussions, somehow compounds the tragedy.

Authorities are assuming the killer targeted the club because of the people there. Perusing twitter I've seen many people using this to promote actions against Muslims and Islamist, as the killer was Islamic. On Friday thousands of people attended the multi-faith memorial service for Mohammad Ali, who was a Muslim. Millions watched it live online. Ali was a Muslim who only fought in a boxing ring. He promoted peace, love, community, and acceptance among people. His funeral showed he could unite people.

There are radicals in every religion. There are radicals in any kind of movement. A whole faith, group, movement, etc should not be denounced because of extremists who do unfathomable things. It would the same as denouncing all mentally ill people when a mentally ill person commits a crime.

I have no idea how such things can be stopped. It's just very heavy on one's heart when again and again innocent people are massacred because they were at a club enjoying a band, at a club enjoying a night out, or even children who went to school to learn. It's like we're no longer safe anywhere. We can't give into fear though. Fear and hate will never win the day. Love and unity will.

A few places you can donate to:

These two places in Orlando will be offering counseling, and other services, for those affected:

Orlando Youth Alliance

The Center

Equality Florida has set up a GoFundMe to collect funds for the victims here.

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