July 8th, 2016


Wéékénd Évént: Lamps

Cibié «Biode» (twin-bulb) and H4 halogen headlamps, France, circa 1973 (translation follows)

For Cibié, safety isn't just powerful high beams, but also low beams that conquer the black hole.

Between the cars you meet and the cars you follow, it's getting more and more rare to be able to drive with high beams. That's why Cibie has brought out H4 and twin-bulb halogen headlamps (of which the low beam lights better and wider out to 246 feet without glare) and permits you to avoid the dangerous black hole [that conventional headlamps leave you in] when dipping from high to low beam.

To arrive at these results, precise headlamp aim is indispensible. H4 and twin-bulb headlamps were conceived by Cibié as high-precision optical instruments; in particular the reflectors, of which the perfection can be measured in thousandths of a millimetre, and the lenses, the facets of which are determined by a calculator and verified by a laser.

It's not by chance that three out of five cars in France are originally equipped with Cibié headlamps.