July 28th, 2016

Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Hump Day Hunks and Pickles.

A whole weekend of Hump Day Hunks! A Hump Day Hunk, is an ad posted on Wednesday (hump day) of a man you consider a hunk. Our Hump Day Hunks weekend event will be guest hosted by the creator of it, write_light.

AND also this weekend, ads for pickles or ads that include pickles!

Yes, I did put these 2 together for mirth and merriment.

HUMP DAY HUNKS! Wait, Hump Day was Wednesday!

Hello All!

I was invited by our Illustrious Mod, misstia, to guest host a gala weekend of naked male revelry vintage ads featuring hot guys, and boy is that ever an underserved market.  So let's all pitch in - post this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday any ads that have an attractive man* in them
[*men (plural) is cool too, need not be naked].

For previous examples of Hump Day Hunks (which can and should be reposted!) check out this tag link:


and check out the very first Hump Day Hunks post! (September 26, 2012)


"Hunks" is a wide-open term for any man you find attractive - ANY MAN AT ALL, as long as you find him attractive for any reason.  If that's 1950s Ronald Reagan, go for it.  Make me a believer.  Attractive men might be tall or short, willowy or portly, hairy or smooth, of any race, color or creed, just as long as you like them.  So show us what YOU like this weekend, and if you're willing, help us to appreciate why that man is so damn hot.  Comments about how UNattractive some guy in a post is should be reconsidered in light of the maxim, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

I've got some posts scheduled to appear across all three days and I will attempt to comment on all your posts, but I may also be in a haze of post-oral-surgery codeine, so I make no promises of coherent responses.

HAVE FUN (Rule #1).

And remember (serious moment) - the men in ads are chosen for their beauty, not because they look like most men (nor we like them).  No body image shaming and no unreasonable body expectations implied.  Here is a great post about real guys vs. ad models:



-- write_light (as pictured in icon)

I summon pikkewyntjie, branwynn, spikesgirl58, & dandyxr