August 10th, 2016

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One Day Event TODAY

I guess when I did those 200+ scheduled posts for our weekend/weekly/contests/etc I somehow missed the 'day before' post announcing this. Sorry!!

10 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads from your city. Local ads from your hometown, where you live now, where you once lived, etc

Ads can be procured from the internets! Usual at least 20 year old rule applies!
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Two Things...

One, my email (tia@misstia) is buggered beyond repair. The odds of me getting an email are 60/40 and the odds of me being able to send one is 40/60. I'll ensure I change it everywhere it's listed here on LJ. New, non-buggered email I made just for vintage ads that should be easy to remember: (obviously vintageads@gmail was already taken). It forwards to my gmail, which I'll reply from, that's

Two, I've been struggling on/off with heat sickness lately, intersped with non-heat sick days where I do a lot of yard work when the heat gets reasonable. We're starting several days of horrible heat and humidity here in Ohio, all around the Great Lakes region, and the East Coast. This time it's gonna be worse than a few weekends ago, as tomorrow is to get to 107. So I wanted to post about heat sickness here, to make people aware and perhaps understand it a little better (Eddie doesn't think it's a 'real' sickness--even after I end up in the ER!! Grrrr....)

Some people are prone to heat sickness due to medications, some diseases, weight, older age, etc. Others are just 'lucky'. I'm just lucky! High humidity has been trying to kill me for 32 years.

When faced with days of Mother Nature either trying to broil us all to death, or she has a fever for the flavor of a Pringles, here's some helpful tips:

EXTREMELY limit your time outside. If you have to take public transport to work or drive without AC, consider leaving earlier when it's cooler. Also keep a damp cloth around your neck (you probably wanna bring a fresh shirt to change too). And DRINK fluids! Sport drinks or water! Juice is fine too.

If you need to walk your doggies, do it early and later in the day. Stay in the shade--not that that really makes a difference when it's hotter than the Devil's fiery breath. Take your shoe off and put your feet on the pavement. Count to 7. Does your foot burn? Is it really really hot? That's what your dog will be walking on. Take that into consideration. I do realize dogs need to go out; BUT it shouldn't compromise their health. If your dog has health issues, is overweight, etc and you MUST take them out, limit it extremely. Put a wet bandanna around their neck, carry some water for them, when you get home try to hold a wet cool cloth on their paw pads.

If you have AC at home, stay close to it!! If you don't have AC at home but at least have fans, put a bowl of ice (make sure it's either a big bowl or you have a dish under the bowl to catch run off water) in front of the fan for 'ghetto AC'. Make BIG ice cubes from used big yogurt containers or similar size. They'll last longer. That's especially good when you go to bed.

Drink plenty of water and sport drinks. Have a banana and other fruit. Even if you don't feel hungry, EAT! Obviously try not to use your oven at all. If you need to, block off your kitchen the best you can and have a fan blowing out (or if you have an exhaust fan, turn that on).

Keep a wet towel or t-shirt around you neck. I wear bandannas and I ensure they stay wet too.

If you start to feel nauseous, try some remedies: meclizine (OTC it's dramamine) or coke syrup. If you start to get leg cramps up your banana intake. If you start to throw up and do so several times GO TO THE ER!!!!!!!!!!. I know from personal experience you can do everything right and STILL get to the point of throwing up without stopping. That can quickly send you into heat stroke which can be deadly. I know it seems ridiculous to go to the ER for heat sickness, as I know I felt that way, but this is serious and you need to get seen STAT! You'll get IV fluids, some anti-nausea stuff added to the IV, and they might keep you overnight---LET THEM if they want too!

If someone tells you they can't go and or attend something because of the heat PLEASE don't try to cajole them. Just accept it. This happened to me a few weeks ago, as I had to miss an event I was really looking forward too. The person (not Eddie) didn't really understand heat sickness. And they tossed out the following to me:

"We'll be in the shade." Sitting in the shade will still affect you, as when it gets this hot and humid shade really makes no difference.

"Your car has AC." A vehicle CAN have AC but you are still inside a metal object with the sun beating down on you through the windows. The effect of the AC is negated by that.

"We're starting at noon so it'll be cooler." Noon isn't a 'cooler' time. Now perhaps 9pm at night; but not noon.

Then of course there's peoples like Eddie who don't think heat sickness is real. The most you can with peoples like that is tell them if you die of heat sickness you will haunt their asses!
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one- day event -- hometown ads

Essexville, Michigan (one of my many hometowns) had the Hampton Square Mall.  By the mid 1990s it was rapidly losing business thanks to competition from malls in nearby Bay City and Midland.  At some point this mall had a name change to Hampton Town Centre, which did nothing to improve its prospects. It basically died in the early 2000s.  Last I heard, the building was mostly empty save for a few local government offices.

Some TV ads from Chicago

Empire Carpets - yes, it started as a local Chicago company

General Boushelle - A carpet cleaning company. I go by "Hudson 3-2700" on another board...

Lincoln Carpeting - Chicago's largest shop-at-home service!

Nelson Brothers furniture

Dominick's Finer Foods - I went to school with the announcer...