August 14th, 2016

This week's upcoming events...

As always, I will post a reminder the day before the event/s

16 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Window treatments. Ads for/depicting curtains/drapes/window blinds/etc

19-21 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Still in Business and Vices. Companies that are STILL in business, ie: Coca Cola; Sherman Williams; etc. AND Vices, ads for anything that depicts a 'vice'. Vices will be guest hosted by bart_calendar. Anything the morality police would consider wicked.

Weekend Theme: Vintage Computers Tandy Radio Shack (TRS-80)

This one is from 1983 and I bought a used one circa 1989 for $200, the whole sale including a humongous daisy wheel printer and tape recorder and cassettes. The monitor had amber text. The goal was to be a work-at-home mom notereader-scopist, like that ever happened. *copious eye roll*
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