September 11th, 2016

Weekend Events: Condoms

From Swedish magazine "Brand", 1905. Two ads for condoms.

Ad on the left reads, translated: "French cautionary articles. Women's protection, womb syringes, jockstraps, rubber batons (dildos) etc. etc. cheapest in gross and single units. Always in stock with instructions. Provide postage. THE FRENCH RUBBER DEPOT: C. M. Amdersson, Norrlandsgatan 18, Stockholm, A.T. Riks. Established 1893."

Ad on the right reads, translated: "French cautionary articles, cheapest. Always in stock with instructions. Provide postage. K.A. Strömberg, Jakobergsgatan 11, Stockholm, established 1888."

This week's upcoming events...

As always, I will post a reminder the day before event/s

13 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Minimalism in ads. Ads that are very minimalist

16-18 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Oceans/Water and Boats/Ships. Ads showing/depicting oceans and/or water AND Ads for/showing/depicting boats and/or ships