November 23rd, 2016

Thanksgiving One Day Event Tomorrow!

Reminder, tomorrow is our one day event VEGETABLES. Yes, it's Thanksgiving, we're focusing on vegetables. Vegetables in any way, shape, or form.

Let me take a moment here, since many people will be busy tomorrow, to wish everyone who partakes a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels on road, or in the sky. I've read where politics might make the holidays difficult this year, but perhaps take a deep breath and think beyond that (I understand that can be difficult) before you're unable to enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie with 2" of cool whip on top. That's an unalienable right. I think. It should be if it's not.

This isn't an ad; but a vintage postcard from 1909. Yes, blimp themed. Imagine that.


Last minute Thanksgiving meal!!

Get your turkey too late to fully thaw? Not sure if you have enough for everyone coming over? With just a can of Spam you can make 'spam birds' to show your guests how much you hate them you care about them to go to such lengths of creativity!