November 24th, 2016


From 1977. Nope, potatoes aren't fattening, but if you pile 'em with butter, sour cream, bacon, and cheddar cheese, it might raise the fat content a little bit. Also your cholesterol.


Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow! + Be Careful Out There!!

25-27 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Creepy Kids and Changing Fashions.

Creepy kids in ads should be self-explanatory

AND ads depicting changing fashions through the years----you would post like 2 ads showing for example, say, women's dresses from the 1920s and women's dresses from the 1980s.

Tomorrow is known as 'black Friday' in the United States. I think due to all the deaths through the years, stores have started the sales, days, or even a week early; but there are still 'door busters' in stores on Friday usually at 5 or 6am. PLEASE, if you go out shopping, be careful!! There are people willing to get into fisticuffs over a $10 crock pot. There's people willing to stampede over $50 off a tv. No gift, nor sale, is worth physical harm to yourself or others.

If you're out on the road tomorrow PLEASE be extra careful!! There are people on the road who have been up half the night shopping. Ever since a sleep deprived zombie shopper crashed into me on black Friday, I will only leave the house if it's a furbaby emergency. She sat there with bags all over the road, telling the police officer she had to get to Macy's. MACY'S/BRAINS. Totally focused on Macy's. Didn't care about bags on the road, just wanted more. "Honey, I totaled the car, which'll raise our insurance, but I saved $25 off $500 worth of stuff!!" SMDH A lot of the sales now are also online and start the day before.

If you work in retail, you have my deepest sympathy. Customers often blame check out people for things beyond their control. If something rings up wrong, if their credit card is declined, etc. Please have patience with store employees. They're under a lot of stress, aren't paid much, and probably spend Thanksgiving, black Friday, and the whole weekend, questioning their sanity and if they really want to keep working there.