December 4th, 2016

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Please ensure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!

I did not give my reminder about smoke detectors, etc during 'fall back' clock weekend. I shall do it now. PLEASE ensure you have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Many fire departments give smoke detectors away FREE. How much is your life, your family's, your furbabies, etc worth? Priceless.

Not only will the carbon monoxide detector alert you if your furnace is poisoning you, I experienced that and barely survived and now of course have several of them. But a carbon monoxide detector will go off before a smoke detector if a fire is slow burning. Every minute is vital in a fire.

Smoke detectors should be on the floor of your bedroom, on the first floor---yes it might go off if you burn your pizza rolls, just reset it, and even the basement if you have one. And yes, someone could say they might not help if you weren't home, as was the case with Eddie's house fire; but they are worth having!

Right around the corner from me four people lost their lives last night in a house fire. Parents and their 8 and 9 year old daughters. Their 12 year old daughter survived, after she was resuscitated, but she's in critical condition. Someone jumped from the attic window and survived with injuries and minor burns. A neighbor's security camera showed smoke billowing out of the house for an hour before the fire started to affect the house next door and that lady called 911.

There were no smoke detectors and they found a pot on the stove, but haven't said yet if the stove was on. You can read about it here.

Put the batteries back in if you've taken them out. Go buy yourself some decent 'life insurance' and get one of each. There are combo carbon monoxide and smoke detectors though I've read reviews that say it's better to have them separate but that's a personal decision. Buy a combo, buy them separate, just PLEASE be sure you have them. If anyone if your life, friends, family, etc don't have them, give 'em as a gift.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I felt it was an appropriate time to post this reminder. I left a note on the steps "There are no words to express this pain and grief." There aren't.
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We move on to later in the day meals to Holiday Parties! Come join the ... fun?

This has color and an appetizing layout, fit for Christmas and New Year's. I'd give this a B+ for desirability on the spam and A+ for the real ham for an elegant meal, even though it seems to be on fire.

If opening cans is anyone's idea of fun, this is the perfect ad! *adjusts professorial glasses on face* Upon reflection after seeing all these ads, Spam is best for little dabs on crackers and such where other things like onions add to the flavor of a mouthful. Eating big slabs of it for dinner, not so much. If slabs are on your plate, take a bit of mashed potato on the forkful, too, to ameliorate the profound taste of Way Too Much Fat. It'll slide down easier that way.
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This week's upcoming events...

Of course I'll be posting a reminder the day before the event/s

6 Tuesday Contest Starts: Superheroes. Superheroes depicted in anyway in ads. Underoos? Yep. Lunch boxes? Yep. Ads for games? Yep.

7 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Bald. Let's celebrate bald is beautiful with ads featuring bald individuals

8-11 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Dolls and Toys and Games. Basically a fun weekend of kid's stuff! :)