December 5th, 2016

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Oakland Fire

Unfortunately I've no doubt most everyone has read and/or heard of the horrific fire in Oakland. As of this moment, the death toll is 36 but they expect it to go higher. I don't wish to intrude upon someone's grief, but her face is covered. This image sums up I think how many of us feel when we see another mass tragedy.

Genevieve Griesau weeps during a vigil Saturday for victims of a fire in Oakland, Calif. REUTERS/Stephen Lam.

Though this was a fire, and not an act of terrorism as the Bataclan in Paris was, these people had also gone out for an evening of music and to enjoy themselves. It's something I think every single one of has done, and does, on a regular basis. Who could ever imagine something like this?

As I suggested after the Bataclan, if you go to an event or gathering, post it on a social media account. Or as ridiculous as it sounds, write a note with your plans and put it on your fridge. I saw this today Google's safety check just launched and just for android right now. We take far too much for granted, that's human nature in general; but one thing we have to not take for granted is our safety. Be it in a store, school, office, restaurant, sporting event, concert, etc PLEASE take a few seconds and locate at least 2 exits. It sounds ridiculous, but you never know. I always have scouted out bathrooms, but I've added exits to my list. Figure them out, file them away, and go about whatever/wherever I'm at/doing. Not every place will have a couple exits or will be 'safe', just be aware, that's all.

From the news those upstairs at warehouse only had a rickety staircase to get down, and then were faced with a maze of items. They were trapped. It makes me sick to even think of that. And for those waiting to learn, what they know the outcome is, but just the conformation, is something no one should experience. No parent should have to do that, nor children, or friends.

There is a Oakland Fire Relief Fund to donate to to help those affected by this. The Oakland A's and Raiders are matching donations up to $50K each.

No matter your beliefs, or lack of, please say a prayer, light a candle, and/or send good energy and light to: the survivors; the families, friends, and loved ones of those who tragically passed; the fire fighters who not only put out the fire but are recovering those lost; and the other agencies helping in recovering efforts and supporting those affected.