December 29th, 2016

  • misstia

Two Day Event Starts Tomorrow!!! PARTAY!!!!

30-31 Friday - Saturday Two Day Event: New Year's EVE PARTY!!!! Any kind of ad depicting or for something for a party. Party clothes, booze, nibbles, etc Whatever defines 'party' for you. Anything associated with such. Yes, we could also post ads with weapons to perhaps symbolic 'kill' this year. This year has been brutal.

Let me be like a mother mod, and ask y'all to be careful if you go out to celebrate New Year's Eve. If you don't partake of alcohol, please be mindful of those who do and who might be on the road. If you do partake, please take advantage of the designated driver programs many cities have---many have free rides. There is always increased police presence on the roads, so please don't risk your life, others, and/or getting a DUI.

[Yes, Sunday we have a one day event, announcement posting Saturday, welcoming 1997 ads!]