January 7th, 2017

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  • misstia

Beach weekend!

This is a rather creatively done ad. I LOVE sitting in the sun. April thru October on warm [70+] sunny days I'll be in a chair in the street in front of my house--I live on a dead end, literally and figuratively. The winter wouldn't be so bad if the sun would shine more than once a few weeks. Though right now we're in a freeze wave, below zero temps with wind chill. But hey, the sun is out!! I won't go sit outside though. Tempted...

  • misstia

3 Day Special Event Starting Tomorrow!!

8-10 Sunday - Tuesday Bowie Break the Rules Days. During these 3 days you can post anything Bowie related you want----no ad required at all. You wanna post Bowie videos? Go ahead!! You wanna post Bowie photos? Go ahead!! You wanna post Bowie lyrics that really meant a lot to you? Go ahead!! No ad required.