February 17th, 2017

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Julien's Restorator, 1793 and 1797

"The subscriber respectfully acquaints the citizens of Boston, and the public in general, that he has established a HOTEL, in Leverett's Lane, opposite the Quaker's Meeting-House, under the denomination of THE RESTORATOR -- by which it is to be understood a Resort, where the infirm in health, the convalescent, and those whose attention to studious business occasions a lassitude of nature; can obtain the most suitable nourishment.
This plan unites usefulness with economy: for as spirits are not to be used therin; and all gaming disallowed; it's usefulness is apparent. Its economy will be obvious, when it is known, that any person can here call for as much, or as little refreshment, as he pleases, and pay for no more than he consumes.
Excellent Wines and Cordials, good Soups and Broths, Pastry, in all its delicious variety, Alamode Beef, Bacon, Poultry, and, generally, all other refreshing viands, will be kept in due preparation: And a Bill of Fare will be kept constantly for exhibition ; from which each visitor may command whatever may best suit his appetite.
As this intuition is founded on utility and convenience, and has been productive of great benefits in European cities, the Subscriber anticipates the patronage of the public ; to merit which, his best exertions shall be made -- and his gratitude acknowledge every favor.
Late steward to the Hon. M. LeTombe, Consul of the French Republic.  July 12, 1793"

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TL;DR:  "I'm Julien, I'm opening up a restaurant for the sick but also for anybody else who wants good food.  No drinking or gambling, and our prices are fair. Here are some of our dishes. We use menus; here's how they work.  This is all the rage in Europe, y'all.
Also, we kill a turtle every day, and I'm overly fond of punctuation.
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Wish this still existed: OJ's Cereal

Y'all, people, youse guyses... I loved this cereal.  I hated orange juice as a kid* but I loved this cereal. And this cereal helped me compromise with my parents and end the "I hate orange juice/but you need more vitamin C" argument that punctuated every breakfast.  It had the C, it did not have the gross pulp or acidity, and the sugar content was oddly fine with my parents.

Then Kellogg's discontinued it. And we went back to arguing at 7am.

*I still dislike orange juice.
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I wish this still existed....

Though the ad and menu are from the 1950s, my time of Woolworth's was really the 1980s. Almost every Saturday at 11:30am I'd leave my residence on 8th Avenue South and my best friend in high school Jenny Bigwood would leave her house on 1st Avenue South. We'd meet at 5th Avenue and 7th Street and go have lunch at Woolworth's 4 blocks down. Then we'd wander around maybe getting a 45, remember them? Before then going into almost every single store downtown.

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1950's Woolworth's menu