February 26th, 2017

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This week's upcoming events...

A reminder will be posted the day before event/s as always

28 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Mardi Gras Show us your.... Let's celebrate Mardi Gras!! Any kind of ad that depicts/evokes Mardi Gras!


3-5 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Black & White Ads and Bread. Ads that are Black & White AND ads for bread
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Contest Finalists!

Please vote for one finalist on this entry for our cake ad contest.

Finalist #1

Finalist #2

Finalist #3

Finalist #4

Finalist #5

Mod Note: I always view Vintage Ads via my friends' page. When I tally votes I go to the actual Vintage Ads' LJ page, obviously, for ease of going through posts. I saw ads on the Vintage Ads LJ page that never had showed up on my friends' page. Quite a few of the pet food ads, and some contest entries. Has anyone else noticed this? I've never heard of a LJ messing with our friends' page, a la facebook, in deciding WHAT we see.