April 16th, 2017

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This week's upcoming events...

A reminder will be posted the day before each event

18 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Plaid. Ads that have plaid in them

21-23 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Purple and Royalty in Ads. For Prince. Ads featuring the color purple AND royalty in ads. You may define royalty however you wish (ie: Queen of Soul; Prince--natch; etc)
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Life and senseless death...

Anyone watch a giraffe give birth yesterday morning? I did. Really fascinating and amazing. If you saw it you'll understand why I'm posting Toys 'r Us. I guess I should have found Babies r Us.

Then today, we have people watching a video of an elderly man being senselessly murdered. I sometimes think there's no hope for humanity.

[If you're in the Cleveland/NE Ohio area, please be very careful, as that murderous _______ is in a different vehicle and they think left the area, perhaps in Solon. Makes me think he's on a highway going south.]