May 28th, 2017

Mad Men

Ready for a Deep Dive into the World of Butter, c. 1880-1920?

Do read on!  Pardon the long post - can you tell summer break has started? :D

There are numerous dairies, all of them using butter color.  What's that, you ask?Collapse )



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THE CONSCollapse )


WELLS, RICHARDSON & CO. a.k.a. "The Kind That Has No Mud." <-- actual slogan

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DANDELION BUTTER COLOR (Made by Wells, Richardson & Co.)

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CHARLES HANSEN'S LABORATORY, makers of "Unrivalled Rennet Tablets" and "Ripening Cream" and the "Most Perfect Coloring on the Market"
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THE THATCHER MFG. CO.  >> Possibly one of the most terrifying ads ever.

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F. B. FARGO & CO.  << pushing the limit on how many negatives you can fit into one ad

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Any favorites?

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kennedy brothers (smiling)

JFK's 100th Birthday (Thirteen Days Trailer)

This movie will make your hair stand on end. We came close, very close. JFK had to fight his own generals throughout his Administration but never more than during the Cuban Missile Crisis. They wanted to strike at the missiles in Cuba or just go straight for Moscow. JFK did consider knocking out the missiles in Cuba but knew things would escalate, so did his best to find another way. He stared down into the nuclear abyss and got us out to the other side unscathed.

After this crisis, JFK worked to move toward a detente with Khrushchev, believing that the alternative of continued Cold War confrontations was far too dangerous to continue.

P.S. General Curtis LeMay (USAF) ("Those damned Kennedys!") was satirized in Dr. Strangelove (1964).