June 1st, 2017


Uh, vintage ads?

We have a custom background LJ made for us. It's not showing for me on my PC. I looked on my phone--requesting the desktop site, and no. I went to journal style and it still says 'custom layer' for our layout.

Uh, is anyone else unable to see our custom background? Wanting to ask before I try to find someone at LJ who can help with this.

No, I haven't fiddled with anything! I saw it the other day, now it appears to have ran away. COME BACK!!

ETA A little more digging and I discovered the issue, which must have taken effect today. Apparently, with no warning, notice, nada, to have our customized background, we have to have a paid account. When I selected 'customize theme' there was an 'upgrade' option and THAT said to use the customized theme we had to have a paid account. To be very blunt: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! LJ made us the customized theme!! And I was working with a lady in Russia on the design. We didn't have to pay a dime for it.


Icon changed to reflect my feelings towards LJ right now!

ETA 2 I opened a support ticket. I'm sure it won't resolve diddly, but maybe others will read it and see what LJ did and are probably doing to others, and seriously, what's next? They'll keep removing features here and hold them hostage? Support tix

Oh looky.....

....I dunno how long this will last; but gosh, I remembered some skills I haven't used in long time.

Vintage Ads is back with our nice custom layout!!

My icon is for LJ!