June 20th, 2017

2 BLIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I own it!

Unless you're new here, my obsession love of the Goodyear blimp should be pretty well known.


Does this sort of count? I'll say it does!! I own a piece of a decommissioned Goodyear blimp!! I acquired this in true 'Tia' fashion, which means bizarre. A few years ago I was standing outside talking to a neighbor and here comes a convertible corvette. I live on a dead end. We thought they were going to turn around. Instead the guy pulls up to us, hands me this envelope and says "Here's a piece of a decommissioned Goodyear blimp for you Miss Tia." Never seen this guy before in my life. I said "Thank you, how do you know me?" And he said "I read your blog." And he backed out of the dead end.

So whereas this isn't an item you can purchase. I own a piece of the BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wolf from MN zoo

I own it -- Zenith Laptop

I couldn't find an ad for my model -- in fact, I couldn't find any picture online of the one I have.  But here's an ad that's close enough:


Mine is circa 1994.  Heading off to college in the fall of 2000, I didn't have a computer, so my new roommate offered to give me her old one, which in turn had originally been a salesman's laptop for her father's warehouse.  I proceeded to use it pretty heavily my first two years in college (after that, they upgraded and expanded the computer labs, so I could usually find a better open computer there).  Considering all that, it's in pretty darn good shape.  And it still runs.