July 21st, 2017

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Vintage Ads That Would Never Be Allowed Today

For better start in life, start Cola earlier

Came across this in the article by Groovy History and thought I'd share with this comm; several of the other ads are even more unbelievable; take a look over here at their website

Edited to add:

Thanks to deverbative for pointing this out:

This ad is fake.


Further edit from dandyxr:

That Hardee's ad that says "women don't leave the kitchen" and the Winston ad with the pregnant woman smoking are pretty obvious fakes

But.. a lot of the ads on there are real. Basically all the ones that have a husband spanking his wife are legit. Palmolive "men ask is she pretty not is she clever", even the Marlboro one "have a cigarette before you scold me"

Fear Mongering: Black Bread!

A lovely Cold War ad with a hint of "blame the victim" or perhaps a cautionary tale for our times...  The text is the star of this ad, even with the great artwork (her EYEBROWS at him) on either side.  Read it aloud for best effect.

"But, come to think of it, many of those oppressed people used to have Freedoms too. They got careless, though, and let a lot of power-hungry dictators 'plan' their Freedom right out from under their noses."

Also, that's a doozy of a slogan they came up with there under the logo!