July 27th, 2017

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Contest Finalists!

Our cars 1950-1997 contest finalists. Please vote on THIS entry and for only one finalist.

Finalist 1

Finalist 2

Hall & Oates

Finalist 3

Finalist 4

Finalist 5

I haven't explained how I tally votes in a long long LONG ass time, so I'll do so now. Oooo, behind the scenes at Vintage Ads! So I go to the day the contest started, and on the first entry that has comments, I tally votes. Once I have several with more than 2 votes, a couple with 2 votes, I won't check entries with just one comment. We HAVE had finalists that were just based on one vote before, just one time IIRC.

So this time, there were 3 clear cut finalists and then there were 5 with 3 votes each. If there was just one extra, I'd make it 6 finalists; but 5? I'll 'tie break'. If one of my entries in a 'tie break' to be a finalist consideration I NEVER give it a vote, as that really wouldn't be fair at all. So that one is ruled out. I go to the ones left and decide which one(s) I like best and vote on it(them), thus creating the remaining finalist. That's the main reason I don't really vote much during the contest. In case I have break a tie to determine finalists.

Here's this month's tally sheet. I wrote on the 7/11 one that I voted for it already. It was the Hall & Oates one and yes, it's a finalist anyway because 1. Hall & Oates and 2. They've yet to win a contest ON THEIR OWN. They once won in a tie with another ad, but the duo needs a solo win! Anyone can replicate tallying, if anyone questioned it. I put the day, then the time, so it's easier to find. I list the finalists in date/time order, essentially chronological posting order.


Aren't y'all pleased as punch with knowing this now?