July 29th, 2017

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Master Calendar Expansion Feedback Please!

I want to sincerely profusely apologize for being a somewhat neglectful mod the past few months. I've had some health issues, then I've been waiting to start a job, for months. Very frustrating knowing you HAVE a job, but the start date keeps changing. If only bills could change their due dates, eh? But alas no, they don't care, even though corporations are people. Apparently it'll just be a few more weeks, and I hope so or I'll totally drown--figuratively, not literally, I avoid water as I don't know how to swim.

Yes, if you are wondering about our domain, we still have it; but I obviously haven't had the money to pay to get hosting. I've been working on the word press design the best I can though. IF I start work in a few weeks, I SHOULD --fingers crossed-- have the thirty bucks or so in September to get our domain up and running. The sooner the better because who knows what is going on with LJ. This site will still be up until the bitter end of course; but we'll also have the domain, which will be word press based. Currently I can't log into my DW account as my computer forgot my password! I've been waiting to get back in there for awhile. If you're on the DW vintage ads' site I'm thinking I'll just have monthly themes there. Which I'll post when I can get in there.

I'll start on the calendar Monday as tomorrow I'm going to my future boss' house a couple hours away to help them move and maybe I can get some damn details about my job. I only know the hours, pay, and that I'll be their assistant. I don't know when I start, where I'll be working at, nada. Fun eh? Good thing I don't have a severe anxiety condition. Oh wait. HAH!! It's okay to laugh!! I do!

I didn't want to wait til the last minute and um, yeah, it's the end of July and the end of our calendar. So here's the ideas I have jotted down and am gonna plug into the calendar for weekend and one day events, and contests. PLEASE feel free to suggest something, as I can/will stretch the calendar out. Last time I did it for a year in advance. Also, the calendar isn't etched in stone. Repeating things we've done before is fine. We just try to redo them 6+ months apart.

If something seems like a good contest theme, please let me know that too!! Right now for next month, our theme is Art Deco.

Camera & film
African Americans
Sheer ecstasy: people way too excited about things
Nightmarish ads
Things that lead to global warming
Favorite toys
Tape: scotch, duct, etc
Comic book ads (Ads from in comic books)
Trench coats
Tattoos: People with tattoos in ads
Big hair
Fairies: ie Tinkerbell
Mythical creatures
Law & Order: Police, Attorney ads
Family scenes
Diamonds and pearls
Discount stores
Well known slogans & well known jingles
Warm beverages
Hump day hunks
Grocery ads
Ads with someone named Bob
Aquatic based ads
Fashion: different decades
Dark haired celebs
Products starting with A
Products with number 1 in them
TV station ads--local and national
Spanish ads
Ads from India
I was there: Ads from places you've been
I own it
Dream vacation
FMK (Fuck Marry Kill)
Plastic products
What were they thinking?
No longer exists
Celebrity products: Products with celebrity's name
Licensed music in ads
Ads from England
Irish Ads
German ads
Hideous food
Creepy kids
Eyes that look dead inside
OTC medications
Breakfast cereal
Ads with bands: for concerts, album/cd releases
Bed sheets
You're advertising what?!
Light bulbs
Tasteful side boob
Ripped abs
Bare ass
Teenage maladies: acne, first period, etc
Vintage Ads after dark
Absolut vodka ads
Got Milk? ads
Ads by identifiable artists
Black & white ads
Minimalism in ads
Beautiful ads
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