August 3rd, 2017

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Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

4-6 Friday thru Saturday our weekend events are: Camping and Movies!

Camping: any ad that relates to camping

Movies: ads for movies, movie trailers, movie promo ads--McDonald's Happy Meal movie promo toy, movies you watch, etc

Behind the scenes at Vintage Ads, with pix! Thrilling, eh? I completed our calendar today. It goes thru December 2018 (bare in mind it's not in stone and things can always change) and I will hopefully get it typed into an entry tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!

I sat on a bench in my driveway, so I could still be the neighborhood watch, and had 4 sheets of paper filled with our popular past events, suggested ideas, things I thought of, etc. Then I had the month wrote out in the binder divvying up days for the weekend, contest start day (circled C), and one day events (circled 1). [No, I didn't have my shorts unbuttoned, the button is just flat out MIA. Dryer goblin got it or something.]


I tried to ensure cities/countries were only once a month, same with name brands. I sat there shuffling papers looking for events to plop in and kept thinking 'why is this so difficult?' I mean it's NOT difficult; but you have to determine how to spread out events and not do everything fun sounding immediately.

Vintage Ads, as you can see, is VERY high tech with the latest newest bestest equipment. We might be slow as molasses at times, but we are energy efficient. :)