August 10th, 2017

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Contest Entry: Art Deco

1928 - Isotta Fraschini luxury automobiles, Milan, Italy

Tomorrow's "Supreme" car ready for delivery today
If you want to own a really superior and refined auto, choose an ISOTTA FRASCHINI!
After 48 years of undisputed prestige, ISOTTA FRASCHINI offers you today the supreme car; bodywork for utmost "comfort" with a new accentuated suspension on a chassis of maximum power.
The ISOTTA FRASCHINI are the combined product of mechanical tests and brilliant artists.
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Master Event Calendar

I finally finished typing up our master calendar thru December 2018. It's here. I confess to not proof reading it closely and will do so tomorrow, I just wanted to finish typing it up for now! And now to start a few hundred scheduled posts for events. If you don't see something you suggested, let me know and I'll tell you what day it is. I put in everyone's suggestions.

Always remember, the calendar is NOT in stone. Things can be added, things be removed, things can changed. YOU have a say, whether you post ads or not. Always remember that.