August 24th, 2017

  • misstia

Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

25-27 Friday - Sunday Weekend Events: Bed Sheets & Coca-Cola:

Ads for bed sheets, ads that show bed sheets in the background of an ad for something else (does that make sense?), bed sheets!

AND ads for the BRAND Coca-cola. Yes, we are going to do Pepsi one weekend and yet another weekend with non Coca-cola and Pepsi pops.


Mod Note: Apologies for late posting--usually have this posted at noon, I've obviously yet to do scheduled posts for all our events yet---damn do those come in handy!! I went to the doctor today, then one of my dog's went (different doctor than me ;) and we ran the streets for a few errands.

And.....because I have a cross stitch project that HAS to be done Saturday and I did so much running the streets today, I'll post contest finalists tomorrow--FOR SURE! Before or after my return to physical therapy, WHEE!!!!!! Getting old sucks!! Though mentally I'm still a teenager! :D