October 2nd, 2017

  • misstia

What's going on?

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and now a mass shooting. What's going on?! Harvey, Irma, and Maria caused massive devastation for hundred of thousands of people and many will never be able to return 'home'. I watched some periscopes of weather people in the midst of the hurricanes and I cannot even imagine going through that. Unfathomable. And then some were hit with another hurricane days later. There's people still waiting for clean water, food, and medicine.

Mexico had a very strong earthquake with collapsed buildings and hundreds dead. Again, I was watching a live feed, of Univision, and the people immediately jumped into action forming chains to clear debris to search for trapped people. They do train for earthquakes; but one would 'assume' they'd be in shock for a bit before able to function. It was incredibly impressive to watch how they worked together so quickly to try to save others, and they did. Without that quick action more lives would have been lost.

Then last night was an unimaginable mass shooting on a concert in Las Vegas. One person killed over 50 and sent over 400 to the hospital. How do you begin to wrap your head around this? Would it be easier if there was more than one shooter? That's a horrible thing to consider. But just one person caused such chaos and carnage. There's never any reason for doing such a thing. The families of those killed will never fully be able to understand or comprehend 'why?' Those wounded physically and psychologically will never be able to grasp the 'why'? either.

With natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, there is a why for loss of life. Though, of course, that doesn't lessen the pain of loss. When it comes to a mass shooting there's no why and it makes a loss or injury even more painful. Humans try to find answers and sometimes there just aren't any.

As with any disaster or attack, humanity has shown it's overpowering light of goodness. People have donated to and volunteered in areas destroyed and affected by the hurricanes and the earthquake. Already on social media people are sharing links where people can donate blood for those in Las Vegas. Goodness and love ALWAYS conquers hate. That doesn't stop things happening that leave scars on our souls though. Nor does it stop us from asking what's going on?!