October 3rd, 2017

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Tom Petty RIP

From 1977. To the time machine!!


Seeing this video, Refugee, on 20/20 in 1979 for a report on laser discs, made me an immediate Tom Petty fan.

Won't Back Down

End of the Line

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Contest Starting Tomorrow!!

Contest Starts TOMORROW: Airlines! Ads for Airlines. Any kind of ad that is for an airline, contains an airliner, etc.

Our Rule Post

1. You must put at least 'contest' in the subject line for me to tally votes on your entry

2. Print or video ads are fine

3. All regular Vintage Ads rules apply EXCEPT only one ad per entry please

4. Voting is via a YES in the comments, only a YES will be counted as a vote

5. Non-themed ads are welcomed at any time

6. Hem & Haw rule: What a horrible week of sadness.

7. Please tag your entry with 'contest entry' but if you forget don't worry, I'll tag it for you.

8. Our most important rule: HAVE FUN!!!
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One Day Event TOMORROW!

It was suppose to be today; but yesterday got mired in shock and dismay and I forgot to post this...so TOMORROW!!

One day event: Ads with the number 1 in them. 1 in the product name, ie: A-1; 1 shown in price, ie: $1.99; 1 written for an ad or mentioned in an ad, ie: ONE. Basically ONE in any manner! Remember, one is the loneliest number. Am I showing my age with that statement? Probably!