November 5th, 2017

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This week's upcoming events...

A reminder will post the day before the event.

7 Tuesday Contest Starts: Black & White. Ads that are black and white.

8 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT Nekkid kid

10-12 Friday - Sunday Weekend Events: Military and Watercolored ads. For Veteran's Day, ads for, that include, depict military members. And watercolor ads.
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Anyone have a Swatch, or two, or three, in the 80s? Only the wealthy snobby kids had them in my high school, except for Biff. Biff wasn't rich, his dad was in the armed forces and he had come to Iowa from England [WHAT a horrible fate!!] and his dad got him a lot of Swatches at a German base very cheap. He had Reebok high tops before everyone else too.