November 8th, 2017

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A few days late with this reminder, but please check your smoke detector batteries, if you haven't already; and also your carbon monoxide detector if you live somewhere where you have to run a gas furnace. If you have a gas furnace and don't have a carbon monoxide detector, PLEASE get one! If I didn't have my original 1926 windows [love 'em!] that are single pane glass and very drafty; plus not much insulation in my house, I wouldn't be here right now. When my furnace starting putting out carbon monoxide, I thought I had a very bad case of the flu. I got a detector, it was at lethal levels.

AND...I've finally gotten around to doing scheduled posts for 'This week's upcoming events...', reminder post for the day before the event, and contest rule posts, thru April 2018. I did those in 2 days this past weekend. Now I'm going to do a month a day until I finish them, and then add in posts 10 days after a contest starts for a 'last call'--to basically remind myself to end the contest and tally votes!! I apologize for not being a very attentive mod the past few months. As I had mentioned before, I was waiting for a job to start; but alas, after 9 months of waiting it seemed they were bankrupting their company and couldn't hire another employee. Nice. Only found this out when I drove 5 hours round trip to help them pack, messed up my back more and need surgery now, then got that job news dropped on me. SMDH Things happen for a reason, so it's best I didn't get that job. I'm gonna go back to school and get my paralegal certificate.

Just cause...