November 26th, 2017

Weekend Event: Trains

Says Phoebe Snow
about to go
upon a trip to Buffalo
"My gown stays white
from morn till night
Upon the Road of Anthracite"

Phoebe Snow was a fictional character created for the Lackawanna railway at the turn of the last century to promote the railway's passenger service. The steam locomotives burned anthracite coal which didn't produce the same amount of soot as other coals when burned, so this character always stayed white as snow when traveling on this railway.

During the second world war Anthracite was needed for the war effort, so the Lackawanna had to switch to other coal and Phoebe stopped being used as a company mascot. But her name lived on in the name of the premiere train of the Lackawanna.

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This week's upcoming events...

As always there'll be a reminder post the day before events.

29 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Weapons The holiday season is upon us, shall we arm ourselves and prepare?


1-3 Friday - Sunday Weekend Events: Shortening and Red. Ads for shortening (Crisco, Spry, etc) and ads containing mostly the color red.