August 19th, 2018

Weekend Event: Soda (No Coke/Pepsi) - Grapefruit!

There was a period when everyone was trying soft drinks made with grapefruit. Here are a couple...

Fresca's still around. I remember when it came out in the '60's. This is a '70's ad.

Not to be outdone, Canada Dry responded with Wink, shortly after Fresca debuted. One of their promotions was to send a "Winkmobile" to various outdoor events. Nice try, anyway. By 1970, I think it was gone. But the ad featured the lovely Ann-Margret.

Couldn't leave out Squirt. It's been around as long as I have, I think. An ad from 1979.

The A. J. Canfield Company was a Chicago-based maker of soft drinks, including one of my favorites, 50/50. Here's their jingle from the '80's.