November 22nd, 2018

Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

Happy Thanksgiving, if you're in the US and are partaking. If you abhor family get togethers, may it be over swiftly and with as little pain as possible.

Yearly Black Friday Advisory: PLEASE be careful tomorrow if you go out and about!! I know stores are open today; but many sales still don't start until tomorrow and people will stampede to get some 'bargain' and act like they're in the octagon to get the last sale item. There will also be sleep deprived people on the road tomorrow, as many get to stores at 3am even though many sales start today or earlier in the week. Please be extra mindful of this while driving.

Also, if you're stuck in a check out line, the cashiers are working as fast as they can. Please be patient and understanding with them. They take a lot of abuse and it's not their fault if someone doesn't pull out a checkbook until they're given a total of $500+ for dozens of items, or people search in a purse the size a mini cooper for 'exact change'. The cashiers have to remain friendly and considerate while customers are often pains in the ass and blame them personally if a credit card is declined, which'll also hold up a line.

23-25 Friday - Sunday Weekend Event: Bathroom fixtures and Toyota

Ads for bathroom fixtures


Ads for the brand name Toyota!