December 23rd, 2018

Future Events

After our 'Welcome 1999' ads event on January 1st our calendar is a blank. What kind of events would you like to see? Here's a link to our calendar that includes almost all of the past year's events here. I'm on winter break so have the time to figure out, prepare, and do the scheduled posts for calendar.

We're a community and YOUR opinion does indeed matter!!

Thank you all for your patience with me this past semester! I have only 2 classes this upcoming semester and if I can find one, an internship. I will definitely have more time!

Ideas for contests/weekend events/one day events/holidays to observe, etc. are welcome, PLEASE!!

This week's upcoming events...

As always a reminder will post the day before the event.

25 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Poisons (You can post for this the day before/after, as obviously this is a holiday for many)

28-30 Friday - Sunday Weekend Event: Ads that sum up your year and Blonde celebs