December 29th, 2018

your stupidity causes me pain, headache
  • dandyxr

Top 10 vintage ads that tumblr flagged as adult content

Some of you may or may not know that everything I post here, I also post over on Dandy Vintage Ads on Tumblr. Recently Tumblr decided to ban all adult content and they have let's say not super accurate software deciding which posts are "adult content" - I had 31 separate ads flagged as porn, so for fun I thought I'd share them here.

I'm starting with the 10 most ridiculous ones. They are all 100% totally SFW ads that you would be comfortable showing children, your grandmother and your priest.

1. This lovely couple enjoying Coca-Cola

2. This glitter Spider-Man decal

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(And yes, I know you can appeal posts that were wrongfully flagged as "adult" - I appealed every single one and 30 out of 31 of my so-called 'adult' posts have been restored)