December 30th, 2018

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  • misstia

This week's upcoming events...

1 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Welcome 1999!!! We have a 20 year rule here at Vintage Ads, so it's the first day ads from 1999 can be posted!

And...I have 6 pages with 2 columns of topics (just one side of the paper to make it easier to spread out) to plug into a calendar still. I'm having major computer issues, as it's a dinosaur and is going extinct slowly before my eyes. Currently I have a blue tinted screen. No, it's not the monitor, checked that, it's the computer.

SOOOOOO, to fill in while I finish the calendar and try to put the appropriate healing crystals on my PC we'll have the following events:

4-6 Friday - Sunday Weekend Event: Would be banned from tumblr and Blue

Please refer to dandyxr's post here if you are unaware of what tumblr has started to do. Basically ban anything claiming it's adult content. So you can post pretty much any ad that shows some skin!


Ads featuring the color blue, like the tint my computer has created on my monitor :D