January 14th, 2019

Contest Starts TOMORROW!!

15 Tuesday Contest Starts: Babies in Ads (Yeah, if you wanna interpret that to include man-babies, feel free! :)

Our Rule Post (And I'm not looking at a previous rule post, so we'll see how much I can muck this up!)

1. You MUST put 'Contest Entry' in the subject line for me to tally the votes for your entry.

2. Print or video ads are fine.

3. Only one ad per entry please.

4. All regular community rules must be followed, except refer to 3 above.

5. As always, non contest/event ads are always ALWAYS welcomed!!

6. Hem and haw rule. Classes start for me today and I got diddly squat done over break. Sigh.

7. The MOST important rule in Vintage Ads at all times: HAVE FUN!!

ETA: I MUCKED IT UP!!!Left out an important rule: Voting is via a YES in the comments!!