February 23rd, 2019

Redd Foxx March 9, 1973

Don't this counts as 'tea' but am telling it anyway! I had cousins who lived in Las Vegas. Sue was married to George who was a construction worker and a union big wig. They had 3 sons around my age, second cousins of mine if I understand cousins correctly. Anyway, George would get laid off from construction work for a few months every year in Vegas and the family, back in Iowa/Illinois would always say "Poor Sue and George". And yet, as an adult looking back, oh hell no, no way they were poor! As a kid you believe stuff like that and don't understand money, but...

...when they'd come to visit every summer they would talk about their neighbors, Redd Foxx and Wayne Newton. The cousins my age would tell me about Mr. Foxx's house, who lived next door, and how he'd invite them in for Sodas and tell them to do good in school. Mr. Foxx would also give them silver dollar for A's on their report cards. Then Mr. Newton, who's estate was behind them, would invite the boys to swim parties. George and Sue got invited to dinner parties at both places.

"Poor Sue and George" indeed!!!