April 16th, 2019

50th Anniversary Cruise

Ad from 1924 for a cruise in 1925. The Sphinx was being fully excavated from sand in the 1920s, so they probably wouldn't have seen the full Sphinx. Starting around 1926 Constantinople became Istanbul. King Tut's tomb had just been unsealed in February of 1923 and it took 10 years to catalog all 5398 items from his tomb. Anyone see King Tut's touring exhibit? I saw it in 1977 in Chicago. The overriding memories are the gold shining in the light, and it was mostly all gold, and all the armed security by almost every display.


One Day Event: Birth Year Ads

This seems appropriate for a birth year ad, because I bought a 1963 "Stoody" for $70 from a guy called Studebaker George in CA's mountains about 1986. He owned a mountainside that he used as a car lot and you could wander paths on a slant to choose a car that didn't look too dilapidated. The car lasted only 6 months but gave good enough service even though it was pretty torn up inside.
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