April 19th, 2019

and this is...Soap!

A show that was decades ahead of it's time in many respects. I mean, you had a gay man wanting to undergo a sex change for his NFL quarterback lover for starters, in 1977. And yes, in many ways it'd be considered un-PC today. It's still funny af, if you grew up watching it. When Jody put Bob in the fridge and Chuck was freaking out was one of the funniest moments.


Weekend Event: Bunny

This ad for the American Thermos Bottle Company, featuring silent screen comedian John Bunny, appeared in 1914. Bunny died of Bright's disease the following year, at the height of his fame. Unlike fellow comedians such as Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton, who had much longer careers, Bunny has been all but forgotten, though he had been the first comedian of the silent movie era to become world famous. Click to see bigly.