August 6th, 2019


Contest Entry: Phones

Among other things that we tell the young folk these days was the old days when long distance calling was a precious resource.

Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) was the primary telephone provider Alberta from 1906 to 1991. The 90s were a time of privatization in Alberta and AGT eventually became TELUS Communications. The new TELUS branding was famously (in Alberta anyway) revealed during an episode of The X-Files.

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Edmonton Telephones pager commercial with Leonard Nimoy

I'm not sure if this quite meets the contest entry criteria, but it's still fun! No wonder I thought Star Trek was real as a kid when Mr. Spock was hawking pagers on TV :-D

Edmonton Telephones operated for almost 100 years in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, until it was absorbed by TELUS in 1995. EdTel's orange vans were pretty iconic and seen all over town.

In regards to this commercial, I find the closing line "And no one needs to know where you are" rather curious. Perhaps it was a fear back then that pagers could broadcast your location?