January 2nd, 2020

The Lord--Pondering
  • misstia

Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

While I am still working on this year's calendar (I plan to finish it this weekend), here's events for this weekend.

Ads for/involving Australia. Unless you've been living under a rock (Hi! Patrick Star!) Australia has had out of control fires, that seem to be getting worse, not better. There are just apocalyptic images of people with a blood red sky around them. There are many charities to donate to to help, but I'll just link one here. This is for the koala bears, over half their habitat has been destroyed, many have perished, many are injured, and the remaining need care and safety. WWF for Koalas.

Ads for/involving Babies. Should be self-explanatory, yes, open for interpretation (ie ::cough:: some 'world leader' ::cough::)

Ads for items 'As Seen on TV'. Come on Ginzu knives!!