March 16th, 2020

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3 One Day Events TOMORROW!!

**Mod Note: I know these are really rather unprecedented times we're in. We've been through wars, terrorist attacks, but this? I cannot recall anything remotely resembling this in my lifetime. In Ohio, where I'm at, they closed all bars and restaurants (though delivery, take out, and drive-thru were still available) to try to avoid St. Patrick's Day crowds. Now the CDC is calling for the limitation of crowds of 50 or more for up to 8 weeks. I have to go to the grocery store today (no, no TP!!) for actual rations for myself and a friend, and quite frankly I find it intimidating. I am avoiding Walmart like the plague though, no pun or joke intended.

PLEASE error on the side of caution if you feel ill. PLEASE, if you are able, check on any elderly, disabled, or single parent neighbors you have to see if they need anything if you are going to go to a store or just to give them your contact information if they want to reach out to someone while in isolation. Ohio and other states have closed schools, which means many parents will have to take off work, as a lot of day cares have closed. If you bought 500 rolls of TP, please consider some sharing with your neighbors, you won't run out, I promise (and if you do, I will personally send you TP!!)

Practice common sense, celebrate St. Patrick's Day at home, on video chats, or here at Vintage Ads. Also, a school marm reminder, clean your computer keyboard, just as they recommend cleaning your cell phone screen. Stay healthy, stay safe, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~Tia

17 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Irish AND Leprechauns AND Green

Ads for/involving the Irish and Ireland


Ads that include leprechauns


Ads that are predominantly green!