March 24th, 2020

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2 One Day Events TOMORROW!!

25 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Wacky named products AND TV Shows

Ads for Wacky named products, what YOU consider a wacky name


Ads for TV Shows! Are there any shows from years ago that if you binged watch right now would bring you some comfort? Some much needed laughter?
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Cream of Wheat, 1905

This strikes me as a surprisingly intimate encounter between the Cream of Wheat chef and the rugby player. Is the rugby player looking at the bowl the chef holds for him, or into the chef's eyes? From the angle it's hard to tell. Is the rugby player going to eat the spoonful he's just taken himself, or feed it to the chef? Is he doing "a spoonful for me, a spoonful for you?" We can only imagine, but it's easy to imagine there is more going on here than meets the eye. Who holds a bowl for someone while they eat, whether it is a dainty breakfast, a delightful luncheon, a delicious dessert, or perhaps an intimate, late supper before bedtime?