May 11th, 2020

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From 1948. I couldn't find any info on this foundation. I did, however, learn that the building was demolished in 1981. It was 15 stories tall with many offices and is now the site of a bank. Does anyone remember kids in school who had to wear a patch over an eye? That wasn't for cross eyes tho, that was for a lazy eye. I haven't seen a child have to do that in years. Also, while searching my memory banks, I don't even recall seeing a kid in school with cross eyes.

The Lord--Oh Dear

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I don't even think saying "this didn't age well" applies, cuz why would they think such an ad was appropriate in the first place?? I mean, if you read it, okay, the text they're trying to convey is solid sense, but the items that could be used in 'death' on display?? That's the WTF part!